In 2019, OFF decided to offer another way in which the organization could provide opportunities to children with special needs. Many hunters dream of getting the chance to harvest a mature animal in an environment they wouldn’t typically have access to, which is why OFF decide to offer the Dream Hunt. On this trip, one special kid is given the opportunity to go on an all-expenses paid hunt, complete with professional guides, lodging, and the chance to harvest a mature animal.


Christina Brown was selected to be the first recipient of the Dream Hunt. When she was first told the news that she had been selected to go to Texas for the hunt of a lifetime, she burst into laughter. She later told everyone the reason she was laughing was so that she wouldn’t cry! While she was nervous about the idea of going to Texas and riding on a plane, she found comfort in knowing that her family and OFF president Jim Hardy would be traveling along with her. The experience was very memorable for her. She spoke of how nice everyone at the ranch was, how great the food was, and especially how great the hunting was! As amazing as the hunting experience was for Christina, one of the most memorable moments from her trip was getting to meet and spend time with a young man named Ryan, who happens to have Down Syndrome. The OFF family always makes connections with special kids, no matter the location. Before her trip was over she harvested both a mature whitetail and a bobcat. Christina wants anyone who may be selected for the Dream Hunt in the future to know that there’s no reason to be nervous. OFF takes every precaution to ensure that the locations selected for this hunt are accommodating to people with special needs. She summed up the Dream Hunt perfectly when she said that it provided her with the opportunity to do the “impossible!”


Christina’s experience on the first Dream Hunt is a great representation of what OFF is all about; helping special people accomplish the impossible. The inaugural Dream Hunt was a great success, and OFF looks to continue providing this opportunity to others in the future. For anyone interested in applying for the dream hunt, or finding out how they can contribute to making this once in a lifetime opportunity happen for more special kids, feel free to sign up here.


Thank you for all of your continued support,


                                                                                    -Andy Cole